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Sean Strike


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Sean Strike
30 (40 by end of story series)
Siberian Husky

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Sean is generally a nice guy that everyone would love to have as a big brother, but that isn't to say he hasn't had his share of hardships and pain. When he was an Ensign, fresh out of the Space Force academy...the starship he was on had been attacked and virtually destroyed by Raptor Pirates, Sean was the only survivor of this event. It left him with a wound he cannot heal...while he would love to serve on a full starship again, he isn't sure he could trust himself not to have a relapse into fear because of his past.

So, instead of leaving the fleet entirely...Sean got a position on the "Meri Star", which was a Space Force employed transport carrier craft--not as big as a starship and with a smaller crew (generally 7-12 staff on a transport carrier). And a very forgiving Captain...who would not strictly write him up if he had a relapse of fear on duty. After a time, Sean became the First Officer...second-in-command...of the "Meri Star", and his life seemed to get back to normal. His relapses became fewer and he started dreaming of one day being back on a starship.

Then after some years, some change in crew members (such as Ensign Jamie Fern joining the crew in the Medical Ward)...the "Meri Star" was stuck at a planet that was attacked by the Raptor Pirates. But Sean was able to be a lot stronger than he believed...when his crewmates Jamie and Cory had been tortured, he went in to save them. In the end, this event had Jamie return to his own homeworld to heal...and at that point, Sean realized he had really come to love the young Rabbit-symbiote. The five years the ship was without Jamie were long and lonely for Sean...but he was happy again once Jamie rejoined the crew. He still has never told Jamie how he feels, though...and probably won't...he's happier just having the younger crewmate around at the moment.

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