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Caracal, puma mix

Please download the ref sheet if you are thinking of drawing a fan art of him/ a trade with me using him/ a commission of him.

Name: Konstantin (Russian) "Konny" is only for CLOSE friends meaning a OC who's his friend or my friends may call him that.
Kon or Kyross are other names he likes to go by.
Design Created: Unknown but not altering
Species: Caracal, Puma mix
Age: 6 years (Can live higher than most thanks to his mix blood)
Status: Friends/relationship sort of with http://angelfonds.deviantart.com/art/The-Bird-Keeper-reference-sheet-JULY-WIP-470112568 Owned by http://insol.deviantart.com/
Please don't take the image.. it belongs to Insol its just an old picture of TBK... waiting till new one uploaded.
Friends with http://angelfonds.deviantart.com/art/Zane-Kidd-Roman-559006903
Past Lover: http://panterabytes.deviantart.com/art/Lotus-ref-491287702 Owned by http://panterabytes.deviantart.com/
He is bi, but more likely to go after females than males. He does one night stands except for TBK (The Bird Keeper)
Personality: He's very perverted and loves getting all the ladies. He always thinks he's more fabulous than others. Normally alone and to himself, but doesn't mind small talk. He cares about his friends and close lovers. Will defend anyone if he must.. only if it benefits himself. Loves causing mischief and enjoys annoying TBK sometimes.
Info: In the beginning Kon was born into a peaceful family. His mother was the Caracal while his father was the Puma. Both his parents loved him dearly and would do anything for their son. A tragic thing happened that Kon is unable to recall, which involved his parents death. He can't remember anything and he's sure it was because he was a cub or he didn't want to recall it. One thing is for sure if it was that bad he would have asked anyone to take the memory and make sure its never recalled to him. Throughout his life Kon would mess around with females as a one night stand. He's sure a few have his cubs... even some might be survivors looking for him. He doesn't know and doesn't care. He's happy with his loner life. Suddenly 2 years ago he met a puma who changed his life forever and became a very close friend. The beginning wasn't easy since both were territorial and TBK just wanted to collect birds, but Kon didn't care. Somehow a friendship was made and since than it has grown into something more. He loves TBK like a brother, a pal, a mate, someone he'd die for or change into a bird for to get more attention xD.
He's extremely fond of his tail and if anyone harms it he will defend it.
Abilities: None

Background Info:

Kon was only a small cub when his mother, Sofia, a caracal, and his father, Viktor, a puma, was killed from a strange virus that came from Chronos. Kon had been sitting in a tree above watching as his uncle Vadim had killed his mother first and was killed by Viktor. Viktor had been bitten on the front leg and had asked their leader of the Cougar clan to end his life so it would stop spreading. Kon had climbed down from his hiding spot and ran for his life. Kon paused when he bumped into a huge antler like creature. He quickly said this phrase "памяти амнезия" russian for "Amnesia Memory" to only wake up from darkness. That phrase had allowed his memory to disappear of his parents death. Kon again walks on only to have trouble has a wolverine appeared to have a snack. Kon being brave defended himself and killed the beast. After he had ended its life monkeys nearby who had been watching appeared to honor him. Taking a tooth from the wolverine they created a necklace for him and wrapped it around his neck. The leader of the monkeys promised to pass his good deed around the whole forest. Kon smiled happily after they departed. Looking closer to the wolverine he noticed his stomach rumbled. Kon quickly left a prayer to the Forest God before he dug in. He ate the meat quickly seeing how he didn't like it at first. Kon noticed after a lot of thinking that he understood the monkeys but not the wolverine. See Kon only grew up around cougars and he didn't speak very well. His father and mother entrusted him with that one phrase. That antler creature had been The Bird Keeper with the pelt of an old Forest God. Later on Kon travels for awhile and finds a cougar clan. In this cougar clan is Lilian, a female who lost her cubs to a den collapse. She takes him in and raises him as her own.

Dornok, the cougar leader, warns her that Kon would be viewed differently because of his mixed blood and the fact he was from their enemy clan. Lilian nodded, but Kon boasted he was ready for anything. Lilian had secretly asked Konstantin to have Kon has his new name because the fact it was russian, it came from their enemies. That was the sure way to tell he wasn't from their clan. Growing up was really hard for Kon. He was constantly bullied and it was hard for him to prove himself. His mixed blood clearly made others look at him odd. Kon grew up quickly and finally was able to prove himself to the leader when he caught the prey for the clan all alone. It had been his first catch as a young teen. Dornok gave him the brown beaded like necklace so that he never forgets his approval into the clan fully. Later on Lilian gets killed from a terrible sickness that few ever get among cougars. Lilian explains she had this sickness all along and it was why she was glad her cubs didn't have to live or carry this disease inside them. Kon grows depressed after her passing and notices that Dornok gives him a lot of attention, even further teaching him how to hunt, survive and fight the best. Kon feeling like a spoiled brat feels he can have and do whatever he likes. This causes him to leave the clan and be a loner for awhile. As Kon continues on in his life he suddenly comes upon his blood family clan. At first they don't welcome him easily, but once he tells them his true name the leader pushes his guards away from him and welcomes him in open paws. He urges him to come to his den and gives Kon the last accessory that Kon wears.... a bracelet worn by his mother when his father had asked her to be his mate. It had been his gift to her and she accepted happily. Kon looks away and feels tears slowly fall down his face. It had been a long time since he thought of his parents. He still didn't know how they died. But when he asked the leader he refused to tell him saying the answer would appear when the time was right.

This angered Kon and finally thanking his whole clan for their hospitality, Kon leaves again. The leader happily says that Kon can come back whenever he wishes. Kon nodded and again acting like a spoiled brat becomes a loner again. In the rest of his years he slept around with many females not caring if he got any pregnant. He has no idea if he has any cubs or if the cubs are currently older and looking for him. After awhile Kon finally was about to catch his prey when another cougar appeared rubbing and protecting the bird. That puzzled Kon, but upon looking into the cougars eyes a light sparks inside Kon and soon begins his travel with this cougar. He later finds out this cougar was an old friend of his parents and this urged Kon to seek info of them from this feline. He finds this cougars name is The Bird Keeper. And currently as of now is still journeying with this feline. The Bird Keeper knows he holds Kon's only true memory of his parents death unlike what lies Kon heard from others covering it up. The Bird Keeper doesn't fully tell anything about the past because he dislikes telling the past. As Kon and The Bird Keeper travel a friendship grows and later on they find each other as mates.

Other Story Mentions

Kon had met Zane during the time when the cougars of his clan foretold of a cougar unlike any other. He had decided to seek him out before he had officially met TBK. Zane wasn't what he expected except he had horns and this puzzled Kon. The two of them having a similar personality became friends. To this day Kon is still friends with Zane even though he hangs with TBK more. TBK is often known to be jealous even though he doesn't show it.
Kon met Lotus one day as he was traveling as a loner, although it was hard to get on her good side. She got annoyed fairly easily and would always seem to be protective of her territory. Somehow the two of them were able to become friends and in the end became lovers. Over time though he saw Lotus was losing herself and he decided to leave her seeing how crazy she had become. He regrets it to this day, but finds out she died. He always looks to the stars closing his eyes and wishing one day to see her again.

Favorite Quote: "Now don't go pestering up someone's ally, you never know what you'll find out about them."

Thanks for reading it and sorry its kinda long!

Design, Artwork & Character belonged to http://a-n-e-r-i-s.deviantart.com/

Character NOW belongs to ME with alterations to back story & info

Please don't steal, reuse, claim as own art, claim design,etc! I won't be happy.

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