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Ransom by Ransom



183 cm / 6 ft
73 kg / 160 lbs
Cat (American shorthair mackerel tabby)

The best cat and he knows it (and says so), it's Ransom! He leads a really busy life, between his devotion to his country (Canada) and constant self-improvement. Therefore, he's always a great guy to chat up, because he definitely knows how to make you feel good about yourself too.


Finally, a decent reference for my own fursona. This isn't so much a character as it is an avatar, so any further "character description" would just be me narcissistically writing about my own personality, haha.

So let's do it.

Art has always been my main passion. I don't think I ever turned in an assignment in school that didn't have at least a few doodles on the margins of the page. It was a good way for an introverted kid to express himself. I've studied illustration and graphic design, and I continually strive to level up my skills. Going too long without study and practice makes me anxious; I'm never satisfied with my current skill. However, I know it's not ideal to specialize — aside from being monotonous, specialization breeds weakness — and so I've dabbled in a variety of other activities, including guitar, piano, fashion, ballroom and Latin dancing, parkour, mixology, languages, and psychology, amongst others. I'm always trying to learn something new, whether informally or through the occasional class, and in addition to just being fun or interesting, I feel that it all may eventually be useful for artwork in some way.

Despite the "American shorthair" breed listed above, I'm Canadian. Though I like my home (at least in the warm summer), I love travelling, and will jump on any opportunity to do so. I've been to the coast, to the Arctic, to other countries, and to other continents. There's still a lot to see, and a lot of wonderful people to spend time with. Hopefully, with enough practice and ingenuity, I'll find a way to use my art as a means to support myself and travel freely.

People, more than places, inspire my wanderlust. As I grew into adulthood, I gradually became more self-confident and extroverted. I'm usually just fine by myself — I'm the kind of guy who doesn't mind eating in a restaurant alone, often while reading with the headphones in — but it can be a lot more enjoyable sharing meals, cocktails, art, games, and stories with the right company — sometimes flirtations too! Unfortunately, a lot of my favourite people live way far away from me, making travel a necessity! It's tough, but they make it well worth the effort.

Though sometimes I feel down or frustrated with myself, I always bounce back quickly, often with a little encouragement from friends. I'm an optimist, and I'm always happy to return the favour or pay it forward. I've got progressively growing self-assurance, and I think I'll eventually beat my goals as long as I try my best. I've got a long way to go and I gotta learn everything, but giving up has never been my style.

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    Holy fuck, those jeans!

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      If you think my blue jeans are stylish, you should see my white pair. ôwô


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        Well they're stylish, but it's how you rendered them. Good lord, that's som photo realism. Your style here kinda reminds me of the shading for GTA boxart.

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          I appreciate the flattery! I put a lot of care into the clothing. It was a good learning process; while I normally focus hard on getting values correct, I added more drastic and meticulous variations of hue and saturation this time around to make it look more realistic. I'm happy with the overall cool look of the spectrum.

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    THOSE TEXTURES.... Nice work!!

    I hearya with the never being satisfied! We seem to have a lot in common, actually haha, I admire the fact you went and aquired so many skills, I've oft thought about many things I've wanted to be good at, but never really went and did it, like you did- I think that's very commendable and cool! Also, of course, much respect and thanks for your service! (also a Canadian)

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      Thanks for the compliment and fave!

      I've got an eclectic repertoire of talents, but I'm better at some than others. The trade-off is that I feel like that time could have been spent bettering myself as an artist — "jack of all trades, ace of none" sort of deal. Hopefully I can make up for it with extra effort all-around. At least I can dance with a partner and mix a drink (though not necessarily at the same time).

      Is there some skill that you've always wished that you had? Google it, watch videos, read a book, sign up for a local class! Be spontaneous! Half of the stuff I've learned came from following through with random whims. Then let me know how it turns out. :D

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    looks good :3

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      So do you!

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    [Well it's about damn time.]

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      Now you know what my fursona looks like!

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    Such fluffy fur!

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      The furriest of furries.