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Zero Spencer


26 March 2014 at 10:11:12 MDT

Zero Spencer
Mewtwo Pokemorph/Anthro

Fuzz Color: White, faintly lavender.

Hair Color: Dusky purple, almost black

Eye Color: Purple, streaked with blue

Languages: English/communicates telepathically.

Occupation: Customer service at a local coffee house. Sometimes is a terrible lab assistant.

Alignment/Threat level: Chaotic good. Pacifist, otherwise would be extremely dangerous.

Abilities: Telepathy, empathy, sending mental commands, telekinesis.

Appearance: A short, small humanoid with feline features. Violet stripes ring his fingers and toes. His 'ears' are actually small, immobile horns. Possesses a long, rather fluffy tail, while the rest of him is covered in hair so short that it's barely fuzz. Has slightly short shins and elongated, digitigrade feet, with two toes and a 'dewclaw' each. A small tube, like a second neck, extends from the back of his head to between his shoulder-blades. A small tattoo of his designation is nearly hidden by his hair. All it says is 0B.

Personality: Sweet, reserved, and seemingly an open book. Zero tries hard to please those around him, eager to have their happiness and their approval, and can sometimes neglect himself in his efforts to keep things perfect for his friends. He has a hard time blocking out the emotions of others, often describing them as 'colors'. The moods of others often bleed into his own, resulting in him wanting to be able to make others happy- he feels the same emotion to some degree if he succeeds. He can be secretive. While he can't communicate verbally, many never realize this. He moves his lips to give the impression that he is talking. Every now and then he slips up and responds to something a person didn't say out loud, which always scares the chimera, as he worries that someone he can't trust will learn of his abilities. Most of the time, he is happy to repress them and try to live life as normally as possible.

Background: Zero was the attempt of a laboratory to reconstruct a powerful creature that had long since gone extinct. the DNA extracted was incomplete, leading scientists to fill in the gaps the best they could with the life-force of other creatures. Eventually the project lead to interesting conclusions; the creatures built often showed signs of great power before they eventually became too unstable to survive. The first humanoid prototype that seemed likely to survive was designated 0B.

While fragile physically, the tiny creature seemed to thrive under the scientist's care. The chimera proved to be much like a human toddler- cute, curious, and rather clever. At least one researcher found it rather hard to keep just a professional interest in the little feline. Rose Spencer, an older woman without children or other family to call her own, found herself growing fond of the small being under her care. Eventually it grew to be too much to let him stay there, under constant testing, and she schemed a way to take Zero into her custody permanently.

Before she could act and do something reckless, a law had passed giving beastmen the same civil rights as humans, and the laboratory was ordered to shut down.

Many of the other creatures constructed there were too dangerous to be set free, though a handful of the youngest and most harmless did get placed with other families. Luckily, Zero hadn't shown much in the way of abilities while still in captivity, and Rose easily managed to convince everyone that he was safe. She was allowed to leave with him, and they lived quite happily together for some years.

Zero didn't leave the house much. He grew to be sheltered, quiet, and timid of the outside world. He was content to stay at home, with Rose, until tragedy struck. The woman, having grown elderly, finally passed away despite all his care and love, and he was thrust into trying to deal with a rather aggressive outside world.

Now he works at odd jobs, trying to keep himself afloat, worried that he will eventually slip up and that somehow, somewhere, someone is going to be looking for him.

Inspiration: 15 years of boredom and Pokemon.

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