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Fawna Springtoe


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Fawna Springtoe
Fallow Deer

Fawna Springtoe is a twenty-one year old doe. She is a fallow deer, a species with very distinctive colourings; chestnut brown and white-spotted across her back and rump and a pale tan across her chest, stomach and legs with a tiny black stripe on her tail. She also has tiny white spots along her muzzle and three under each eye. Her fingers are brown. Her eyes, a shimmering emerald green, are one of her favourite features, along with her flowing brown hair. Despite being a doe, Fawna does have small antlers, much to her delight. For a doe to have antlers is a great privilege.

Fawna predominantly stands on her two hind legs, reaching 6"3 in height. Amongst other furs, her height makes her feel quite self-conscious; she towers over females of most species (and even some males!). She is of average build, if a little skinny, with average size breasts.

Her personality would best be described as skittish. She is soft-spoken, easily-embarrassed and quick to shy away. It takes her a long time to feel comfortable around others. Despite this, she is very gentle and caring. Fawna is not yet sure of her sexuality, but considers herself bisexual for now. She has never had a proper relationship.

Dresses, skirts and tank tops are Fawna's favourite clothing choices. She does not like to wear restricting or tight clothing - it makes her feel incredibly uncomfortable. She is fond of a half-moon necklace given to her by her mother. She often wears dangle bracelets.

Fawna currently works part-time in a cafe as a waitress. Despite being quite shy, she has actually perfected the art of serving customers and quite enjoys it. She is also a college dropout, having thrown her books into the forest one afternoon on a walk, proudly declaring, "Life is too short to be studying words printed on trees."

Misc Info:

  • She spends a lot of time going for walks through forests, along beaches and in unfamiliar towns.
  • She loves anything caramel flavoured.
  • She is fond of the colour green.
  • She has an interest in ropes and being tied, despite her loathing of tight clothing.

- She can spend an hour brushing her hair and not know where the time has gone.

Fawna's reference sheet was drawn by deertrot on FA.

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