Calligraphy Cossington-Wilkes by Signy

Calligraphy Cossington-Wilkes


28 December 2013 at 14:47:58 MST

Calligraphy Cossington-Wilkes
Russian Silver Fancy Rat

Calli is a romance author, specializing in Victorian settings - often with a Steampunk or Gothic twist. Something of a recluse, and dressing as though from another century, she is thought to be whimsically eccentric by her fans...and just plain weird by her neighbors. Though surprisingly inexperienced on a personal front, Calligraphy writes about the type of hero - and lovers - she very much wishes for herself. Calligraphy is a hopeless romantic who hides a shocking amount of passion behind yards of ribbon, lace and outwardly proper ideals. Her view of the world is constructed by romance novels and fantasy, and she prefers her unrealistic, idealized view over reality.

Calligraphy is that whimsical, daydreaming part of me that I never quite grew out of. She's the one who thinks a world where the morning paper was delivered by submersible and where an ordinary campus can navigate you through the stars is all entirely possible. In short, she's the rose colored glasses I wear when I write and, whenever I'm stuck, I try to think about whatever ridiculous way she would want to look at something.


I had a handsome Russian Blue boy named Yoggie . Next to eating peas and pastas (and tearing down his brothers' nest to make his own), his favorite thing to do was to nap in my hoodie. He quickly became my writing companion, and while I loved all of my rats, he was especially precious to me. Unfortunately, he was also prone to respiratory issues and had very delicate health. His final illness led to a very fast decline. We fought very hard to save him - in fact, I only just paid off his vet bills, some three years after the fact.

I wanted something to commemorate my lovely boy, and to celebrate my love and support for rats - especially as I was no longer able to commit to fostering and volunteering at my local rat rescue. Because the loss was still so tender, I opted to make my character a Russian Silver, which was as close to a Blue as I was able to allow myself. I attributed all of his best personality traits and rattie habits to her, along with my own passion for writing and making ink-messes.

Art by Shalinka ( ).

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    :A: shes soo cute and love her design~

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    Really great work with the light and shadow, beautiful rendering. :)