To catch a fish means to become a fish. by Zyonji (critique requested)

To catch a fish means to become a fish. (critique requested)


11 May 2018 at 14:40:56 MDT

I did this speedpainting for a friend! Still testing out a few methods on how to do these as commissions. Ano ( ) wanted something very dynamic from me and gave me references of bears catching fish. Took me about 90 minutes to make this. Probably could have made it look even better, but I can’t take forever with commissions. :D

I also recorded the process of this for anyone interested!

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    This is in general a really nice artwork! The pose gives you the feelings of watching a gif in slow motion and the shades are where they need to be.
    What I see a little bit off is the splashing water and the hind legs, the water underneath looks like you traced and traced without going anywhere and it looks like a pile of weird lines that I don't know where they start, the same goes for the water droplets on his face, the upper part of the body looks too big, this piece would work better if the angle was over the character's face so the short hind legs would make sense but in front view, it looks a bit disproportionate.
    But the coloring overall was done pretty nicely!.

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      Those are some good points! :D
      I recently learned a technique to avoid the lines breaking up noise I'm trying to create in low focus areas. Creating noise with a pen select tool should work with the droplets over the face too. It's still hard to see times when to used while being in the work flow, but this is certainly one I will keep in mind in the future! (:
      And yeah, the anatomy seems to have gone wrong. Trying to replace a bear in a pose reference with a long dragon like this is not as easy as I would have hoped. xP
      I think something that might have helped too would be to increase the nose in the lower areas to have more lost edges on the lower body. It's out of the focus anyways, so it would help with both, the composition and not having to figure out the anatomy. :D
      Definitely all things I want to keep in mind in the future. Thank you very much. (: