It could be a treat for you, as long as you behave. by Zyonji (critique requested)

It could be a treat for you, as long as you behave. (critique requested)


12 August 2017 at 14:03:47 MDT

I painted this promised a painting to a friend a long time ago. It's funny with artists like me. The longer you wait, the better the painting you get will be. I would have never been able to paint like this at the time I did promise the painting. But waiting forever is probably still a bad idea. d:

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    Aw I really like this ;w; The little details especially. The glasses pressing the hair down, the piercings, the details in the claws and nose, and the collar's charm sinking into the fur. All amazing <3

    For critique, perhaps the shading's contrast on the cream markings on the nose is a bit too drastic? And it seems the glasses on the farthest side are tilted a little too far down to be lined up properly, even though the head is tilted. I hope that makes sense ;w; I really love this piece and there's not much else I could contribute to critique, and only hope that what little critique I've provided can help you in the future <3

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      Thank you very much! For liking it and for the critique. It's true, the shading seems to confuse a few people. The goal was to make it dramatic, but it seems to be inconsistent. I'm gonna keep that in mind for next time. (:

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    I absolutely love the details!

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      Thank you very much! :D