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Philomena Calendula by Zykov

Philomena Calendula


Name: Philomena Calendula
Race: Mielic
Magical ability: Psychic

Philomena is an adventurous, trusting and free-spirited Mielic who travels in different towns and villages that are tormented by natural catastrophies like polluted land and diseases, and writes the story of its people and culture. She lives on the road and just a thought of settling down makes her cringe. She lives by a philosophy that says you shouldn't own more than you can carry. Due to her being very trusting she is also extremely unforgiving and if her trust is betrayed she won't give a second chance.

Philomena is a Mielic which are considered as the highest and purest race in society due to being the only quadrupedal race, the most in touch with nature and unlike any other race their magical abilities develop as they age and not via training. They are the divine race. Since they are quadrupedal race they use psychic powers to perfom tasks in everyday life. Mielics typically live in mountains or forests. Their society considers Lurkers to be their natural enemies since Lurkers are seen a the dirtiest race because they thrive on technology which is a huge taboo for Mielics since cherish nature and magic. They think technology is an unnatural cancer that brings nothing but harm.

Art and character © Zykov

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