Zorayda's Summary of Art 2015 by Zorayda

Zorayda's Summary of Art 2015


28 December 2015 at 19:43:18 MST

This year was HUGE for me, art wise. I went through a lot of ups and downs, from beginning commissions seriously, to attempting to make a living on art, to realizing that it takes guts and hard work and time to do so and humbly going back for a job in retail to support myself. I'd like to thank Kato, a friend of mine, for trusting me with my first few commissions on FurAffinity, and allowing me to grow and slowly gain notice by the community. I'd like to thank those who encouraged me, those who commissioned me, and those patient blessed souls still waiting for me to finish up my current queue! I love you guys, seriously. I am working on your art on my off days!

January: This was when I started taking the prospect of commissions seriously. I drew a lot more often and my skills grew and grew.
February: Tried and failed at my first YCH, but kept drawing random gifts for people and tried to make an organized system for commissions.
March: I got more commissions here and I did my very best at each one. I tried backgrounds and even drew suburban scenes, which are very challenging for me.
April: Not much happened this month. I did a few little sketches here and there.
May: I started embracing the fact that I have a fursona a little more. She got more love and art, including as an anthro with my glasses and favorite Zelda tank top!
June: I got really into a few anime here and NaLu (Natsu and Lucy from Fairy Tail) got a fanart piece from me!
July: Experimenting with styles, trying to advertise and network for my commissions. Tried chibi art, I love how it turned out <3
August: Started realizing how much better my art was than before, began comparing my new styles to very old artwork. It was a bit of an ego boost and a realization that practice really does help. Which led into next month.
September: Began "daily doodles" and got to be good friends with Luca, another animal/feline artist who is sweet as pie. She joined me for doodle practice for a while until I started getting lazy and stopped doing the dailies altogether.
October: Redesigned my feral fursona and made a big refsheet for her. Tried selling Halloween chibis but it wasn't very successful.
November: Got Copic markers and started using the heck out of them! I drew Tiifu and Zuri from The Lion Guard. I guess that ship is a bit controversial; I got a lot of mixed commentary on that.
December: And here we are. Not a lot of art this month, since I started working a lot at my retail job for the holidays. I'm steadily improving and learning how to use the art programs that I have available to me, and making more and more new friends every day. Here's to a successful art year in 2016!!

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