[Stygian ARPG] Treatropolis -Enjel- 2 by ZoeyHoshi

[Stygian ARPG] Treatropolis -Enjel- 2


26 May 2019 at 17:07:49 MDT

And then that exact moment, it hurt to remember, but once you did, it was all you could think of. A series of events playing over and over again in your head, spilling endlessly around in shame and grief, in scenarios where you could have done something but did not, the final moment sharp and acrid. A hole appearing in the sun above, growing steadily larger, and then the ominous groaning and tearing of everything around you. Those around you looking in disbelief as the sky darkened, and then- and then - your mind simply would not move away from it - the sun shattered into a hundred, a thousand fragments of brilliant blue-violet crystal, sparkling onto the ground like thick comets, tearing into houses, shredding streets apart as the void in the sky absorbed everything else.

That moment when your consciousness collapsed into a nearly endless darkness, how could you forget?

That moment when your consciousness returned, how could you not remember?

But it was okay now, and you knew what your purpose was. Time was precious, and you had to work quickly. Already, others like you were already prying apart the fragment buried in the ground - the piece of the torn sun that was once the source of power of your civilization. It was said that the royal bloodline was descended from that sun, and their blood purified all nightmares that circled it, but it was too late for them. If you could not bring them back, you could at least bring the source of what created them back. The other fragments, the other pieces of sun. There were more - you would find them.

One of the others look at you, then point to the unconscious Stygian bodies on the ground. The question was clear. What did you want to do with them?

Well, the answer was just as clear wasn't it? That moment when your consciousness returned, how could you not want revenge?


Enjel has recovered her memories of who she is, memories of how her vast city of the dream realm Treatropolis fell after a war against the Nightmare.

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