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Build a BEAST! by Zirra--Nova

Build a BEAST!


22 June 2015 at 10:38:21 MDT


So here we have the NEW & IMPROVED! Build a Beast worksheet!

How this will work.
Should you wish to commission a Beast send me a message, filling out information for each numbered section of the worksheet. & I will use that information to create an entirely unique creature adoptable for you!

You can chose to have the commission drawn in a refence sheet style1, or a normal image with a simple background as seen in the three examples. One Two & Three!!

Each commission should cost $30-$45 on average & depending on complexity. I will let you know what exact amount at the time of ordering. Unless it gets super complex, it shouldn't be more then that. For example, the examples!
One & Two would be $30 & Three would be $40.

& now, to explain the information I will need form you!

[Numbers show which section corresponds with what information is needed, as well as where to look for the options/examples for each part.]

  1. Body Type
    ---Here you choose a body type. Just pick one of the 5...almost 6...options.

  2. Ratios
    ---Here you choose how long each of the three basic body sections will be. You've got the neck, waist, & tail to costumize in short, medium, & long lengths, relative to each other & the rest of the body.

  3. Facial Structure
    ---Pick a face! Flat, mid-muzzle, full muzle. Also lemme know about the eyes you want, such as pupil shape, & if perhaps you want more then two of them, or even none! You can also let me know what kinds of teeth & tongue[s] your critter has.

  4. Ears
    ---Pick one of those shown, or even describe your own kind. You can even go without or ask for multiple sets!

  5. Limbs
    ---How many do you want, where do you want 'em, & what do you want 'em to look like? All answered here! With a few examples of locations shown above.

  6. Wings
    ---Wings get their own spot because I really like wings. Of course, you can choose to have none, or you can choose one of the four examples shown above. Be sure to detail anything about the build & if you want a tail-fan like structure as well as if you want any connection between wings & tail.

  7. Hands & Feet
    ---Or claws as the case may be. How many digits do you want? Any opposable thumbs? & what do you want them to be build like? Perhaps you want more knuckles then normal, or fewer?

  8. Head Gear
    ---Want some horns? Want some antlers? Lemme know here! & add anything about what you want them to look like as well.

  9. Markings
    ---Stripes, rosettes, or spots! Or even any mix of the two. Gimme whatever details you wish about what markings you want on your critter. Lemme know what kind of covering your critter has too, be it fur, feathers, skin, or scales!

  10. Colors
    ---Choose some colors, at least two, perhaps as many as five, & I will do my best to work them all into the design. You can give me hex codes, cymk numbers or even just color names for those chosen.

  11. Extras
    ---Anything else you wanna let me know, do it here. Maybe your critter has a collar, or wears a hoodie? Anything you want to add, add it here. 0w0

1: A reference sheet style means there will be no shading, & swatches to the side to show what colors go with what bits.

Submission Information

Visual / Digital