Mlem by Amira.the.Drake by Zigzak

Mlem by Amira.the.Drake


10 June 2021 at 08:52:09 MDT

FA submission:

Recently Malfaren was banned from Twitter by someone who reported their icon as being against community standards (totally not salty over political posts). Basically, the offending picture was him with his toofies bared and Twitter found it too aggressive. So, here is my new icon, free of 'aggression' or socialist teeth!

Thank you to  Amira.the.Drake for another fantastic commission, I love it :)

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    "Oh, no, it's a smile! Quick, ban him before the world plunges into pure chaos!" What's next? A thumbs up is now a gang sign? The sand in the Sahara Desert is a symbol of white supremacy? The color mauve is anti-religion? Chickens are pirates? Vaccines causing people to sneeze whenever somebody says beluga? Seriously? It'd make more sense than "I'm salty because political things, so I'm going to get you thrown off this platform!" The person who got him banned would, in a restaurant, send food back that was a nanometer off center, demand a full refund, and 10 years worth of profits and blow it up when told no!

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    I apologise for ranting, but the person who got him banned deserves to be slapped with a fish randomly for the next 15 years! That means it might go days, weeks, or months without fish, then SLAP! FISH OUTTA NOWHERE!

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      That's okay. Karen did not win on this occasion, though, as his account has been reinstated :)

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    YAY! But the fish thing still needs to happen to Karen and would be awesome to see.