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Big Goat Booty! by Zigg-Zapp

Big Goat Booty!


26 February 2016 at 09:49:33 MST


Come one pally don't leave me hanging here! Its cold and there is only so much a tight leather outfit can do to keep you warm!...

Erm... n-not that I know much about wearing tight leather or anything! Hehe... Erm...

Sooooo, you coming?

I hear that it is going to be a great night, they've got some old skool 80's tribute acts playing and there will be costumes and old 80's tv shows and commercials playing on monitors! I never grew up in the 80's amma 90's kid! But I did grow up during the tail end of that silliness so now I gets to experience that silliness as an adult!

I don't often indulge in 80's stuff, well, I do but I never remember what happens next BUT I am sure we will have a TOTALLY RAD NIGHT!!


Come on!

Lets go!


Been working on this in the background for some time, I hope you all like it!!