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Charlie Polar Bear Partial by ZielOmizu

Charlie Polar Bear Partial


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Finished sometime in 2014
The second fursuit I made! The pictures are horribad, I swear I'll never take such crap photos again.
I originally had the arms and tail from a cosplay I had made. Ended up making the head to go with them, and sold it via auction. Can't remember how much it sold for, but it wasn't a whole lot, lol.

I'd like to make another bear sometime - or just any lesser seen species, really! Once I get through my queue, I'll probably choose more obscure species over popular ones if I get the chance. Doesn't mean I won't ever do common species - but if I do, I'd rather they be artistic liberty, or I'll be HELLA picky with the designs I choose to make.

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    You should make a snake, or maybe a spider. Haven't seen too many of those!

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      Honestly, I'd love to - but I'd need someone to commission them if I'm to ever make them!

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        Yeah, I'm in need of another fursuit, I've been thinking about commissioning someone, and your suits are adorable!

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          If you have an FA I'd probably suggest you follow me there and keep an eye on my journals, then - I'm not sure when I'll be able to open again but if/when I do I'll probably post there before anywhere else. ^^;