[New Character] Borislav Reznov by zi0808

[New Character] Borislav Reznov


14 January 2016 at 02:04:22 MST

Name : Borislav Reznov
Age : 26
Sex : Male
Sexuality : Bisexual, Neutral Switch
Height : 183 cm (6')
Weight : 75 Kg ( 165 lbs )
Nationality : Russian ( But speaks English fluently )
Job : Fitness Gym Instructor (Main Job) / Stripper, Dancer ( Weekend Night Shift )

Borislav is decent looking male with nice toned muscle. He served in Russian Army for 3 years, where he learned lots of tricks, and also where he got his muscle trained.

But the fact is, he didn't fit that well with army. He hated his superiors. So after 3 years of service he finally quit by himself. After that, he applied for a job as gym instructor at local fitness gym near his hometown, where he got his main job.

However he applied for one more job. Half out of curiosity, half out of his intention. He applied as strip dancer for several gay clubs. And apparently one of the club needed beefy looking dude like him. He got a night shift job.

So now, he works as strong, silent gym instructor while the sun is up. But when sun goes down and streets light up with neon, twice a week, He brings his hidden inner nature outside without worrying.

And that life has been going well for him so far, for 5 years.

Character & Art By Me,   zi0808

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