Matcha Tiger (Original at AC!) by Zhivago

Matcha Tiger (Original at AC!)


25 June 2019 at 13:32:32 MDT

I don't do traditional often but I really should! This piece is going to be shown and up for sale at the Anthrocon art show so keep an eye out for it!

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    Yes, you really should.

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      ^^ I made a successor to this guy and got myself some new gel pens in the process! Slowly accumulating more and more traditional art supplies...

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    Traditional art still has a place in this world... the above piece wouldn't have the same feel if it was digital. Art should not be limited by its media. Not to mention, it's handy to have the skill, and to keep that skill sharp. When I "arted", I was a colored pencil guy. Really liked what I could do with that medium, even though it was just coloring other people's art.

    Like this guy:

    Pic that was done for me. one of my own characters, that I then colored.