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first time xeno parents by zenol leytan

first time xeno parents

zenol leytan

riolu twitch and Serena have been taken by government scientists to be the surrogate parents of their new weapons, genetically modified xenomorph larva's, ones that would fallow orders with blind obedience, how ever they knew nothing about their genetics and would end up getting nothing more then pets then blood thirsty bio-weapons

Serena: worrying."
twitch: "i don;t wanna die! make them stop!"
Serena: "its ok twitch, we'll find a way out of this some how, we still have time."
riolu: "sadly xenomorphs have a very rapid growth time, we may have hours...maybe minutes." *this did very little to calm twitch down and the larva inside their bellies were being very calm and gentle for an odd reason, its only a matter of time before they were ready to leave, how ever there was very little discomfort, and more of a pleasing feeling then anything, what ever these drones were they aren't trying to force their way out. remote scans say they each have 6 larva each.

art by :iconRiolu947: :iconBlueCatRiolu:
twitch and Serena belong to me.
the nimbat species belong to (creator company name here.)

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