DVRP - Trust Me by zenmaldita

DVRP - Trust Me


22 June 2018 at 07:45:51 MDT

a doodle of a really old Durarara pose for my players at Don Volpe RP =)
thanks for sticking with my weirdass mafia story hahaha I love you all <3 thank you for making it an interesting RP

characters belong to:
Rimna, k9vendetta (Zyther), Berkana, wulfcanavar (Wulf) Dreva, hopetlioness (Fiametta), asassinatorlolol (Aaron), Illuminaughty (Ribby and Croaks) jackjackal (Jack), Diabolica (Doc) zenmaldita (Malik, Celeste & Louisa), LeChatNecro (Edelweiss)

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    This is so cool~ Nice poses!

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      thanks! come join us if you're into RP

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        I don't rp much and it's mostly on WoW. I appreciate the invite~