Patreon End Credits Appreciation (Animation) by Zenion Infinitium

Patreon End Credits Appreciation (Animation)

Zenion Infinitium

25 April 2017 at 09:38:57 MDT

I did it! I set out to complete another high quality animation and I did it!
This animation is dedicated to my first month patrons. As the title says, this is to show my appreciation for their contribution to my work. I have more plans to work on and I'm happy to get them started. This came out beautifully in the end and I'm very proud of it. I even got to share my logo at the end! After showing my patrons I still intend to show everything to everyone else a few days later. I don't plan to hide a lotta stuff behind a paywall, wouldn't be much fun if I did.

The file is to big to post here so please check the youtube link below to see the full animation.

If you're curious about my patreon check here:
My website will host everything I come up with here:
More animations can be found on my youtube page:
High Resolution Video with music can be seen here:

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