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To escape my lovely demise by Zecon19

To escape my lovely demise


What is life to a creature such as me. Fast and sure. Agile and witty. But oh how weak and pathetic my heart is. Why? As wind blows through my fur as I run for my life. Why? As my feet tear eagerly into the ground to escape. Why? As I hear the panting breath of my killer mear inches from my ears. Do I yearn, to turn around and look into thouse blood thirsty eyes. Do I crave, the feel of his body slamming into mine when he finaly catches me. Do I wish, that I could do it, that I could stop. Do I yearn, that he felt the same, that this was not life and death.

I felt a pressents

it pulls me

I turn sharply

he almost had me

A golden mirror

I run swiftly

He's closer now,

Breath steaming

I leap forward

wind freezing

turn to look

hungry eyes blaring

hes almost on me

claws opening

I fall into darkness

he's with me

strong arms reach

he has me

pulls me close

fangs flashing

eyes looking

he's caught his prey

but here in the darkness

we are prey

(don't know where that came from.)

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