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Made a different position of a customized creature (Gryzf) by Zaxtor (critique requested)

Made a different position of a customized creature (Gryzf) (critique requested)


This one took a long time to change its position a bit.
Benefit of having the original PSD version and layers is you can change its position without having to remake it from scratch.
I always keep PSD version of an art when I make from scratch etc.

original version when I firstly made this creature, I put on FA.

Took a few days to make him.
Is a gargoyle-like creature.
But is neither a gargoyle nor a demon.
Is called a Gryzf

They have 4 toes, 3 infront and 1 in the back, Kinda similar to a bird feet.
They can grab stuff with their finger-like toes ofcourse its claws should stab the victim.
They have an extremely long tail.

His Kaupinam-like shorts has spikes on it.

They mostly stand ranging 6,6 to 6,10FT tall.

Reference / Credits for background :