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19 January 2014 at 01:02:48 MST

This, if I remember, was done by eyeballing comic panels, and then tailoring them bit by bit to look as I wanted. I couldn't create without reference at the time. I was a real kid back for this one. I had a story in my head a long time ago. It is bad, but I'll copy and paste the summary of it below. Anyway, it involved cross dimensions and some other juvenile stuff. I threw JD Chip into the picture for fun. I like the purple girl =3

Art © Zaseishin
Characters © Sega, Sonic Team, & Archie Comics
JD Chip © Zaseishin

In and Out in a Flash

In solidified form, we start with the world of SatAM. King Acorn has already recovered from his exile in the Zone of Silence. Things are not going well at the moment.

Sonic along with the rest of the Knothole gang gather in the war room of the palace. Other officials, the king, delegates from allied kingdoms, and Knuckles await the start of a vitally important meeting. From nowhere, blinding light flashes leaving the entire delegation in shock as doubles of Sonic and Knuckles with an unidentified person stand on a heat scared patch of floor. Possibly the most dumbfounded are Sonic and Knuckles from seeing clones of themselves what's more, the clone of Knuckles has a completely robotic right arm.

Each of the three new comers wears a black headband and seem completely apathetic to the situation. They situate themselves and Sonic's double goes into a rehearsed sounding spiel "To whoever is in charge here: We come from a different dimension, yadda, yadda; we have to help you in your time of need. Do with us what you will and hopefully we'll be gone soon. Oh yes, this is Knuckles, you can call him Red. My lady here is Princess Rose or Rose if you like. I am Sonic or Sonic Boom as I've been called...Boom, Boomer, whatever pleases to differentiate yours from us" he indicates their likenesses.

The following interchanges half sort out the confusion in the war room. Boom, Rose, and Red field questions though remain tight lipped about their origins. The story everyone pieces together from the strangers is these three hop from dimension to dimension to tip the balance for the side of good in their darkest hour. The three refuse to speak further about themselves and request to be ignored unless King Acorn has orders for them. They claim they must serve his will but wish to interact as little as possible with the populace. Harder pressing proves the trio has general knowledge of the situation they have stepped in on but they outright refuse to attempt naming the major players. No one trusts the three. These could be robot clones teleported in with some stupid story to dupe them but if the enemy [Robotnik] had such technology why not port in a bomb instead? King Acorn has the trio sent off to guest quarters for the moment till he has time to address them. They agree expecting as much and take leave of the war room with escort.

The next couple of days the heroes of Mobius (Sonic's world) prepare for battle. True to their disposition the three unknowns keep to themselves. Though, one time Tails mistakes Sonic Boom for Sonic and greats him with a hug. Boom goes absolutely ridged in response, which confuses Tails until the "real" Sonic shows up. The other excuses himself quickly, acting completely flushed and put off guard. Sonic grows greater concern that there is more than meets the eye to newcomers. At least their repugnance to others has kept them from acting like spies.

When the day of the battle arrives, Sonic, Tails, and the other heroes ready themselves with the three amongst them. The indigenous group keeps a light-hearted mood while Boom, Rose, and Red have calculating and business-like manners. Robotnik's troops arrive and vastly out number the heroes. Leading them is the rebuilt, floating fortress "The Death Egg" ready for mayhem. As both sides engage Sonic Boom spontaneously transforms into Super Sonic and begins ravaging the back ranks of Robotnik's front lines. From Sonic's vantage point, he only sees Boom going wild ahead of him. Sonic fears the worst and uncovers from his pack the seven chaos emeralds with enough magic rings to transform himself into Super Sonic as well. However, the gems short circuit during his attempt, leaving Sonic and Sonic Boom knocked out.

Rose and Knuckles (Red) recover the fallen Sonics and tell the others not to let anyone use the emeralds. As the medical personnel move to take care of their patients Rose and Red self-transform to super states and take over where Boom left off. Thanks to the unknown factors' powers the battle goes so smoothly that the good side takes no losses. They defeat Robotnik's army so soundly that he abandons the second part of his plan. He expected to lose should Super Sonic appear but Sonic's arrogance should have allowed for heavy casualties before transforming. And that was the worst scenario version! With no Super Sonic, Robotnik expected to near wipe out his enemies. He had a whole other army to storm the devastated alliances' forces after the battle but now he simply wasted an half his resources thanks to these unexpected surprises. One was even Knuckles! Robotnik questions his intelligence gathering because Sonic should have had the emeralds. And how could there have been two supers attacking with one set of emeralds?

As an aside, Robotnik has very little information from the battle due to the severity of the loss. He does not even know if Sonic showed up and he assumes not because Knuckles was in super form. His schemes are foiled now that he has gone from having the largest army by far to being no stronger than the rest. That battle should have left the alliance crippled but they barely received a scratch. Robotnik does not have the resources to recover from such a blow to his former greatness.

In the meantime, the locals treat the black headband wearing trio to a hero's celebration. Many want to know how they can change without the aid of emeralds and rings to which they reply they "never knew such things were needed." King Acorn decides to knight them but as they prepare for the ceremony, the three stop and sigh, declaring it is time to go. Everyone says good bye, Red puts his metallic hand on Knuckle's should and starts to say something but the three flash from existence. The kicker? Sonic disappears too.

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