Ravefox_Twi - DOGPILE / Reiane - Gah...what?! by Zaseishin

Ravefox_Twi - DOGPILE / Reiane - Gah...what?!


18 January 2014 at 01:53:39 MST

(Reia's writing)
Nakita did hir best to sneak through the house and lead the five others to where hir sister Reia was hiding. The red tinged wolf quietly peeked into Reia's room and grinned gave a small hand single to those behind hir then suddenly burst into hir sister's room yelling "There shi is! Get 'er!"

The result was the five charging into the Direwolfs room, catching hir off guard and then supplying a healthy amount of hugs and light grope. Reia huffed, looked over to hir sister who was far to happy rolling on the floor laughing.

Reiane was doing a contest and I got lucky with my guess. It was a pick a number to celebrate hir 5,000 kiriban and I was off by 50. I was the furthest off of the winners but still in the top 5 and that's what mattered! Anyway, this was really cute and I suggest to all giving Ravefox Twi a look. It's their art after all!

Art © RaveFoxTwi
Characters © Reiane (Reia & Nakita the dire wolves), Zaseishin (grabby kitty), Surf (purple rubber shark), Mist-Shadowvale (Mist the rainbow skunk), nige111 (Caitlin the blue haired herm), & Chaotis (winged wolfy)

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