Yuureikun - Velute (Wing It) by Zaseishin

Yuureikun - Velute (Wing It)


18 January 2014 at 00:39:38 MST

My girl and I had been looking for some pants that go with her top for some time now. We were shopping and Vel grabbed some stuff to try on and went into the changing room. I wandered a bit, checking out things, I thought I found a couple of sexy items myself--but when she stepped out wearing that? Daaaamn. Well, long story short we "had to" buy the pants and got kicked out of the store. ... I lied. We're banned.

Got a "wing it" commission from Yuureikun. Price was cut down a bit because I get no control or touch up edits--just give refs and receive. Am actually surprised she put a background on it. I also received this, one with no background, and the line work. Super worth it. There are some things I'd have tweaked but that's the point of a wing it. Over all? Very nice and surprised at how much I received for it. Do love what she did with the pants. I pulled them from a character in the anime Rin but they weren't nearly this hot on the character.

Art © Yuureikun
Velute © Velute

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