Sonique - Tarrna by Zaseishin

Sonique - Tarrna


16 January 2014 at 23:46:16 MST

Yagudo? Orc? Quadav? Tonberry? I fear not these fearsome creatures. Let them come. Bring their notorious leaders. I am black mage. I am death. I know their weaknesses. Everything has it's element. I'll cast spells so strong and with such skill no monster will survive the magic burst. Be prepared, fools! For I show you ULTIMA!

Tarrna was my FFXI character. She was a level 60 mithra black mage (among other classes). I ended up giving her to Siam when I quit. I was a damned good BLM though all I can say is the game itself was pretty hard to enjoy some times. WoW pulled me away from it but I came back. FFXI was the first time my name was taken so my first character was an Elvaan named Zaseishiin (two I's) but Elvaan made bad BLMs and that's what I wanted to be.

When I came back to the game I made Zasei, another mithra. This time I went blue mage. I was still damned good at it. Had a fun RP with her too. Since there were no male mithras (considered super rare) I played it out as I -was- a male mithra but I was forced to cross dress so the women of other races wouldn't steal me away. Oh the funnies that came from that... left the game again though at 60 BLU (LOL).

Oh right, this started as a for fun sketch that ended up colored and everything. Totally awesome C_C

ADDENDUM: When I left FFXI as Tarrna, I gave her to SiamIAm to use as a mule character. In FFXIV Siam recreated Tarrna as her house attendant x_x

Art © Sonique
Tarrna © Zaseishin

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