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December, pg. 2 by Za-owl

December, pg. 2


Gentle melody fills the dark and cold room. Soon Freya joins in with the melody with her voice, singing the song. Even though the book doesn’t have the lyrics, Freya knows them by the heart. She had listened it many times. Occasionally her gaze meets with the photo, almost stopping her hands from playing.
Hot steam rises from a cup on the table. From outside a dark glow softly flows in through the window, while a warm, brighter yet gentle one shines from the adjacent room. A faint festive tune rings out with the warmth, but it doesn’t seem to warm up Wynona’s mind, for she had found something that has now invaded her thoughts.

She is leaning against the table, her hand on her cheek, her curly red hair gently draping over and her ears hanging low on the side. With the other one she holds a photo. It’s from years back, from the last holiday she spent with her old best friend. They were young and beaming with happiness. Over the years however… only one of them seemed to retain such privilege.

In her mind, Wynona ponders if there was something she could have done differently, said differently. The life was unfair to her old friend, yes, but was she wrong in denying her attempts to reconnect – even though she could tell Freya wanted more than to rekindle the old friendship? Wynona knows it would have probably ended badly either way. She had moved on.

On the backside of the photo, she notices the date when the photo was taken. It has been many years to date when it was taken. Wynona still remembers the gift she got from Freya that year, for she’s still wearing it on her left ear. Unfortunately, she had lost its pair during the years. Her gift to Freya was a book of songs she had bought when visiting family in England. This year she hadn’t even thought of giving her anything before now. But what is there to give?