Lone one by Za-owl

Lone one


4 January 2019 at 15:06:57 MST

The sun was shining, and people were hard at work. In this mountain pass lies a little village of Bruval. Bruval was not a large village by any means, but the people were friendly and kind to passers and to one another.

However, there was one little girl called Wyna that they saw unfitting, cursed. Her red hair was seen as a bad omen by others and for this they shunned her and her family. Wyna had no one to call a friend and she often spent her time alone for not even her siblings did play with her in fear of being stigmatized. This was not a life she wanted or deserved.

Here atop this rock she often sat, alone and crying. Sometimes a bird would fly to her and stay at her side as if it was trying to comfort her when no one other would not.

In time Wyna would learn that she was not cursed but blessed with a gift. Her red hair was not a sign of misfortune as the people of Bruval thought, though this they would never come to see.

(Ing)Wyna belongs to me.

From June of 2018