12 January 2018 at 18:03:55 MST

Hello, everyone! So 2018 has been off to an absolutely terrible start, not the least of which has been my apartment situation.

As anyone whose followed me for a while knows, I literally just moved a few months ago to a place I was planning on staying for a long time. The landlord mislead us about the place, and we signed the lease not knowing there was no AC, no heat, and no working fridge (plus a not small amount of cockroaches). Still, I was in love with the place and had managed to make it work because it was such a great location and amount of space. But things were getting worse; Hurricane Irma knocked a hole in the roof which the landlord refuses to fix, so every time it rains (or snows) icy water drips out of my ceiling fan and onto my bed. This has caused a ton of mold in my bedroom, which aside from being unhealthy lost me about half of my clothes. Plus with no heat, it's been just as cold inside the house as outside of it if we don't run the space heaters constantly (which cost a LOT of money on the electric bill).

The other day the pipes backed up and flooded my entire bathroom and hallway with raw sewage, and the landlord still didn't give a fuck. He jokingly offered to break the lease if we were so unhappy (it was a text, so I have it in writing). Well, today we found a place to move to and put down a deposit. I'm a little heartbroken because despite all the issues I love this place and really wish the landlord would just get his shit together and fix it, but he left me no choice.

I'm moving a little farther from work and from all my favorite places, but at least I know for a fact this place is clean and has good maintenance. I'm already out $500 just from the deposit and that's not even counting moving costs yet. To make matters worse, I've missed a LOT of work lately because I started off 2018 with something I thought was the flu (thankfully wasn't), and then work was closed for a few days thanks to the snow which no one in the south is equipped to deal with.

So long story short, if you've ever wanted to commission me, now is a fantastic time. My turnaround will be slower than normal because I need to pack up my entire house and move it in a week, but I promise the quality will be the same. I'm very chill about commissions, I'll do NSFW stuff of almost any sort (with the exception of scat, rape, and extreme hyper) as well as any kind of background or character. Note me or email me at zackloupcommissions[at]gmail.com if you're interested!

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