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Valentine's Freebie 2014 by Lemoncore by Zachrabbit

Valentine's Freebie 2014 by Lemoncore


14 February 2014 at 10:02:40 MST

The night was surprisingly quiet for where they were. The silence that hung in the chill spring air was interrupted solely by the occasional rush of a car going past and the intermittent cry of nature nosing its way in. But it didn't matter to them right now. To them, the entire world was but a few scant inches that lay between the two. Feeling the soft rush of each other's breath across their faces, the tender squeezing of their arms and legs, and the ever present and almost omniscient calm that had descended over the two of them. Their respective stresses and strife were still present but, in someway, rendered impotent by the moment. As if the real world had been put on pause so they could revel in their moment of bliss. It was a rare thing, this moment. One of true perfection.

lemoncore (c) [FA:]

Aurum (c) AurumLutrta [SF:]
Zachrabbit (c) Myself