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A Girl and her Posessed Sword by Yumi_Fukui

A Girl and her Posessed Sword


I'm finally back to art! With hormones fucking with my skills, classes, game development, and more besides I haven't been able to put out much actual visual art work. But, finally, I was able to spend a Thursday night and much of Friday finishing off these wonderful little piece.
And yes, I changed Yumi a little bit again. Don't complain.
But, for once, I decided to make things more shiny and lead her to a cyberpunk land, with bright colors and pink, possessed swords- no, she's didn't make it that way, Yumi killed the man the sword was possessing, and due to her non-human status, is able to wield the massive blade, but rarely ever unsheathes it; as anyone killed by the sword's blade has their soul quickly added to the several hundred if not thousand souls stuck within it. Nevermind the special sheath and hilt; its the blade that counts, and that's what has taken so many lives over the years. Yumi's the caretaker now, and can usually be found talking with her very strange sword that replies in a hundred different voices.
People are going to want that sword...

18 hours, pencil sketch then digital. A commission like this would cost one about 40$.

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