Upsetting, My Lifting Friend. by yuckyrat

Upsetting, My Lifting Friend.


16 October 2018 at 22:08:22 MDT

can someone please tell me why, out of all the wonderful characters in this arc, my favorite wound up being the godawful Ed Wynn elevator that exists solely to make everyone uncomfortable because I really don’t understand myself anymore when it comes to what I find to be endearing character traits


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    Which. Episode.

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      Episode of The Adventure Zone? He shows up in The Crystal Kingdom - Chapter Three, but its a nonspeaking backround intro role. His actual roles are in The Crystal Kingdom - Chapter Eight and The Crystal Kingdom - Chapter Eleven, as well as a nonspeaking (and awesome) cameo in Story and Song - Finale, Part Two.

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          He's just. He's so good and I love him