The Dragon's Deal by Youkai-Chan

The Dragon's Deal


18 October 2014 at 20:44:57 MDT

[Original Upload Date: Jan. 30, 2014]

Belindo Draconis; CEO of the global weapon's development organization Black Wyvern Industries. A man with wealth and taste, with connections all over the world. But there is more to this man than meets the eye...

Spoiler Alert - Belindo is just an alias. ;)
This is Zmey Gorynych, one of Dark_Lord765's OCs~ He's a dragon who can take on humanoid form (Or anthro form for the sake of this drawing. :P His default humanoid setting can be seen here and here!)
Don't let his looks fool you; behind the handsome and composed visage lies the savageness of a Great Wyrm. Definetly one of my favorite OCs period. <3

I had so much fun working on this. I really like this character and wanted to draw something with him in it! My friend suggested I add the silhouette of his true form in the background, which I think really makes the pic stand out! :)

The actual cityscape wasn't drawn though; I used a photograph and edited it; changed the colors and added a few filters. I wish I could find the source to who first snapped this photo so I can credit it properly! (TinEye didn't give any helpful results. Oh well.)

Overall I'm really proud of how this came out~ <3
Hope you enjoy!

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