Monochrome Coyote by YoshiCooki (critique requested)

Monochrome Coyote (critique requested)


2 August 2018 at 09:47:17 MDT

So I did this drawing yesterday cause I was in the mood to dram my sona wearing a harness and I wanted to work on posing as well as hand placement also. It was fun learning how to draw it especially with the hand even though it was a pain in the rear to get it to look good in my standards. But nonetheless, I enjoyed doing this and will try to practice more on posing.

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Drawing was done by myself

Character belongs to me

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    The shading is nice the picture is nice! All you need to work on is your anatomy such a the arm which seems bent. And the eyes seem like they are just spacing out, it looks like you were trying to aim them at the camera but they are a bit far apart.

    just keep practicing! You're doing a lot better!!

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      Many thanks. If you can tell me, which arm in particular needs work? I'm having troubles grasping the idea and would appreciate it if it's specific. And now that you mentioned the eyes, I can definitely see what you mean and see the mistake. Thank you for pointing that out.

      Many thanks for the critique.

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        His left arm. The other one seem pretty good to me!

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          Ah, I see what you mean. That bending was actually intentional cause he's actually placing his hand on his hip.