Sheer by Xtrasis



9 July 2014 at 22:54:32 MDT

Sheer –A disfigured creature and a victim of hypothermia. It tries to freeze its targets by grabbing them, using ethereal claws to grab at the victim’s heart. Its movements are twitchy and random, and its breath is cold, able to create frost on surfaces it touches. Its arms are elongated, forcing them to drag their hands along the ground as they walk, and its facial features are all but gone, with only its large fang filled mouth visible. It shudders in a shivering breath, hinting of its last moments. [/i]

The one of many horrifying creatures found in The Tragedy of Echo Knolls. Characters and story belong to Blaze-Lupine. The story starts here-

Art is done by me.

Sheer belongs to Blaze-Lupine

Hope you like how this beautiful being came out. :evil: