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21 July 2019 at 08:51:57 MDT

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here it is! My intro to sequential final for my freshman year of college. I'm actually retaking this class next fall in an actual classroom rather than online as I feel I didn't learn anything in this online class. But I didn't have a choice in terms of what I could take due to everything being full but anyways!! We had to make a five page comic that had a beginning and end with really no big cliff hangers -- so I decided to work with the idea of Kagerou trying to take Leon (as a wolf) for a walk. I wish I could have added just ONE more page to make the pacing work a little better, buuuuuuuut that wasn't the assignment. This whole comic was made within a week and my plan was to go back and shade the other pages later in the summer THEN post it, but knowing me I'll never get back to this comic cause I'll be too busy working on the real thing. SO think of this as a teaser for what's to come in the future. al;sjdlkfaj without further adiue, I present to you, Dog Days.

That first panel. My GOD. It was hard to do, but I love it!! My professor on the other hand did not, but he should have said something during thumbnail critiques >: [
Only thing I wish I could change would be to remove the dialogue, but since the assignment made it so we HAD to have dialogue on each page, I had to have something there. And also to make the saturation change look better? More natural?? The idea was that Kagerou was opening a door that shows sunlight, but I don't think it came across effectively.

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