[Original Species] Cranberry-Pomegranate - OPEN! by XMireillechanX

[Original Species] Cranberry-Pomegranate - OPEN!


7 December 2015 at 14:05:38 MST

This was my guest adopt for kk_furryworks's Advent Calendar for December 7th.

If you're interested in purchasing her, please go here for her auction which is going on now!

❥These are called Furutsunomimis, basically they're fruit kemonomimis.
All of the species ears are their highlight, they're shaped and colored to resemble fruit that have been cut in half. Their tails can also match with markings resembling the outside of their respective fruit, but don't have to.
Furutsunomimi are a CLOSED species. That means you can't make your own or copy this species information for your own species or character/s.
I don't claim to own the rights to fruit, kemonomimis, etc.

Full info on Furutsunomimis.

❥Upon adopting, I expect full payment in 24h. (Auction adopts, 24h after winning the bid and the auction has closed.)
❥Upon adopting, the character is all yours. You can change name, gender, colors, give a backstory, etc, as long as the original design is still recognizable.
❥Don't resell/trade them and don't claim the design as your own. You are allowed to gift them.
❥Give them lots of love!
❥Upon adopting the character is yours, but I still own every right on the adoptable artwork I give you and the design. As such, you can use the given artwork only for personal use and NEVER take credit for the art/design. Giving credit for the first time you draw/upload your new adoptable is highly recommended and extremely appreciated. <3333
❥Absolutely never EVER trace/reference/copy/reupload my adopts! I'm glad you like them, but do your own ones, don't copy my designs, that's very rude and disrespectful!
❥As for cash payments, I accept them through PayPal only and currency is USD.
❥Adopts are usually first come first serve, but if I get multiple offers on the same adopt I have the right to choose. (For example, I'm mostly like to pick cash instead of points.)

❥What you get: unwatermarked, fullsize .png file + rights on the character of course.

Wish me luck! >w<

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