Reference: DiaoChan & Liang (SFW) by XiaoMao

Reference: DiaoChan & Liang (SFW)


12 July 2017 at 20:07:12 MDT

Name: DiaoChan
Spirit Name: Liang
Spirit Type: Trudix (Rare)
Ear Type: Downturned (Uncommon)
Lantern Type: Unique (Rare)
Occupation: Tengoku Tea Garden Tea Maiden
Notes: Linked with Liang telepathically.

Art & Tail Guardians (c)
DiaoChan & Liang (c) XiaoMao

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    how cute!!!!

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      Thanks! I fell in love with the species first! The creator keeps active group on FA, DA, and TH. She rewards points for being active (getting or making art of your TG) and hosts events too with themes to participate in! Finally found one that suited me so now I get to participate too!

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      Would you like to draw her? I could afford a flat color sketch (your second option) right now and then get more later if things work out.