Contact PSA by xetsa

Contact PSA


7 December 2016 at 19:35:56 MST


Just a friendly visual for y'all that sometimes hunt for ways to
contact me! Elpi is even more reserved than I am about adding
people, not to mention he's usually busy with work but you never

Also this is one of the awesome pair of "Werewolf Girlfriend" pieces
I got from Magenta. It makes us giggle like mad and we love
it to bits!


Asher © Epi:
Breve © Xetsa
Artwork © Magenta

Please do not use my character arts for your little shit roleplays.
My characters don't magically look exactly like yours.
I don't get these for you to use.


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    Could we add both Skype and telegram? My skype works but tends to crash a lot but telegram works a lot better

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      Skype is often unreliable as it doesn't often notify me I even have messages. Basically only actually use it for group calls with close friends.