Draco Complex Character Reference PG by XavierMaldonado1

Draco Complex Character Reference PG


19 May 2015 at 05:58:02 MDT

= The PG version =

So I finally got around to drawing up another of my draga partners/friends/family I cherish. Draco here was a bit harder since I didn't have a really clear thought on how he should look.

I dug through old and new version of him and mixed and matched what I thought was good. Funnily enough this one I didn't care for too much but it grew on me steadily, and I left the design on my screen for days to see if I still felt the same.

As you can see I'm happy with how things came out!

The story about him is a bit unclear, but apparently he's Kaiser's...brother? If you look they do share a bit of similarity.

He's a bit of a mix martial artist in a style that he's learned himself, the armored gauntlets give him extra punching power as well as protection for his paws, for good reason. He's sort of our cook.

Unlike another chef, he isn't afraid to use his hands and arms since he's built up enough strength and muscles to withstand a lot of forces, and yet still able to make super thin angle hair pasta from scratch with ease.....his forte is all sorts of pastas if you must know...hence why we're all a little...coughs chubby blushes

He's a big gruff and can get in your face, but he's kind at heart and is willing to do anything for his brother and his loved ones he cherishes.

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