Lion and Volg Draga-ized by XavierMaldonado1

Lion and Volg Draga-ized


29 March 2015 at 04:35:03 MDT

Okay so I've been watching Steven Universe [[as I finished all the current episodes and went back to rewatch it OMG]] and OMG #ucking Lion is just all kinds of awesome! Then I started thinking what he would look like as a Draga. And then I remembered about Volg, the Black Chocobo, from the Chocobo Tales games. Ya know, the ones he's doomed to die in obscurity with only a few hundred people knowing about him. Yeah, I wanted to turn him draga too!

This is what I did during the last stream while watching Lilo and Stitch, A Goofy Movie and Nemo Adventure in Slumberland. But during all that time I found out my stream was desync with the audio and that kinda bummed me out. I did some testing later and it seems to be a problem with just Furstream, not my set up...sooooo that's a good thing?

Anyway, yeah, Lion from SU and Volg from Chocobo Tales as Draga. I wish I could've done Lion better but he looks decent enough to pass, heh! Volg I was really proud of obviously, though now I question what Lion is thinking off looking at Volg like that..........sweatdrops I'm gonna shut up now!

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