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Animation experiment #2 by xaotherion

Animation experiment #2


28 June 2020 at 16:31:36 MDT

With the file size limitations, what you can see above is just a thumbnail. Watch the animation itself here:

It also exists on YT, but it's better to use the link above. YT seems to have a habit of reducing quality of my uploads. Probably a matter of codecs. Still, just for the completeness:

Please comment right here anyway.

So, it's finally done. Almost 2 months later than it should. I wasn't even working on it so much, but there was always something bad going on, preventing me from working on art in general. So if you happen to see something wrong somewhere here, it simply had to be like that. I can't drag out this project any longer.

Still, the improvements are substantial. I dared to use longer shots, so the whole clip doesn't have as many abrupt transitions as the previous one. It is significantly longer (so long that there was no way to make a decently-looking preview gif that would fit within the file size limits). And of course, there's the background. Purposefully kept simple, and made using the procedural terrain technique showcased in my scraps.

I did my best to achieve nice hairflow, I think this too got improved compared with the previous video. Overall, Blender did get an improved hairflow solver in the newest version 2.83, so maybe this kind of trouble will finally become a thing of the past. But this clip was made using version 2.82 still, as everything was fine-tuned in it by the time 2.83 came out.

The choice of background was inspired by the Swedish name for arctic fox. "Fjällräven" literally means "mountain fox".

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