A Mental Release that Tears Space-Time by XanSteel

Finding One's True Self Part 21

A Mental Release that Tears Space-Time

By Xan Steel

The day started off like any other on board the ACF Kestrel, as the crew changed shifts over to the morning crew. Julyna had been sitting in her bridge room for a good hour waking up and preparing for her day, as her second officer came in with the night report for her to read. "Ah, thank you Gytaroo." "Ma'am." Gytaroo is a Hyjorian the only asexual species in the galaxy that Daniel would say looked like a kangaroo. They never took mates and reproduce by budding, only when necessary. "Go and get some sleep Gytaroo, you've had a long night." Julyna pleasantly said as Gytaroo thanked her and left.

The report mostly stated the usual things that they found in this sector of space, no planets capable of supporting life, however the Alliance could send out a fleet of Mining ships to gather the ever abundant resources. She sighed, 'Well, only another thirteen star systems to explore.' She thought tiredly as she hit a button on the comm panel. "Tygera?" "Yes ma'am ?" "Let's head for the next system on our list." "Understood Captain." Tygera was her first officer and a Phalynian. She was sharp, quick thinking, strong willed, and not very diplomatic, and had solid black fur, and golden eyes. Always the one wanting to shoot first and ask questions later. The two of them made a good commanding pair in that aspect, if a little unconventional at times.

Julyna left the room and joined the rest of the crew on the bridge. The general shape of the bridge fit the layout of the ship. It was wedge shaped with a high ceiling with six large angler windows that gave a ninety degree view. There was a large view screen in the middle front of the bridge that was used for communication. She sat in the middle and two-thirds back of the bridge, as Tygera sat to her lower left. Raybia a Bulorian sat to her lower right and was her chief pilot, who fur pattern was a mix of brown and grey with green eyes. Adreena a Tygorian a species that Daniel would say was tiger like while having blue eyes, and sat just up from Raybia and was charged with communications and shield defense. Zalina another Derlenian, who had dark brown fur and grey pelt and somewhat red eyes, sat to her left and in front of Tygera and was controlling the weapon systems and sensors.

Julyna had been commanded by Altair to explore this unexplored region of space, as there was a set of twenty-nine colonies that needed placed. This region was reported to have over four hundred star systems, but he told her to start with twenty-nine and report back on her findings. So far things were not looking to good. Out of the sixteen systems they had studied, not a single one of them could support life made it seems like an impossibility.

Raybia sighed as she ran her handpaws across the console to have the ship move on to its next destination. "Miss Raybia is something wrong?" Julyna asked concerned even though she already knew the answer. "No ma'am just wishing for some excitement is all." Julyna smiled inwardly. It was at this moment, halfway to their next destination that the ship came to a sudden stop. Julyna looked at Raybia, "Miss Raybia did you stop the ship?" Raybia was looking over the console. "It's not me, the ship itself came to a stop." A warning Klaxon started sounding as red lights started flashing everywhere on the ship. Zalina cried out, "By the Master!" "What is it?" Julyna commanded. “Incoming telepathic wave!" “Where’s it coming from!?" Julyna yelled as Zalina was silent while she looked at the console readout, because she couldn't believe it. "ZALINA!!" She jumped and turned to Julyna with a grave look and softly said. "Lady Iris." Julyna's eyes went wide at hearing her name, and the sudden emptiness in her mind that she was now picking up on. She jumped up and ran to exit the bridge telling Tygera that she had command. Tygera turned to Zalina, "What's the strength of the wave?" "Unknown, the system can't gage it, because it's to strong." Tygera then turned to Adreena, "Can the suppression system handle it?" “No, I would have to push it beyond its limits, possibly burning the system out." "Then do it or this wave may kill us." Adreena nodded and did so.

Meanwhile Julyna was running to Iris's quarters hoping to make it in time. As she rounded the corridor and saw the door to her room, the wave hit. She could hear and feel Lady Iris’s pain in her mind. Several crew members fell to the floor unconscious, as she fell to her knees, and continued to Iris's door. As she got to the door, she felt the suppression system kick in. It lessened the pain, but she was still projecting very strongly. Julyna punched in the emergency code to open her door and once it open she could hear her crying out in agony. She got up and slowly walked into her living room area where she was meditating and knelt in front of her. "Iris please control yourself, you’re hurting others on the ship!" Julyna begged. Iris looked up at her as her tears flowed unhindered, “He took my Rubi from me!" She yelled as she was holding the blade that was used on him, covered in a red liquid. Julyna looked at it as the smell of Rubicant filled her nose. She instantly put her forehead to Iris's, "Share!" Iris shook her head. "Damn it share you pain with me, I need to know!" Iris reluctantly gave in, and at that moment Julyna knew everything, and started to cry herself. By sharing the pain between the two of them the wave had lessened a great deal. Or so they thought.

In a distance part of the galaxy on a small space station. The GrandMaster feel to his knees as he felt Lady Iris let loose with her mental energy. He struggled painfully trying to keep it contained as best he could, 'Damn she's strong' he said to himself. "MASTER!" "DON'T TOUCH! JUST PREPARE MY SHIP!" His student obeyed as he began to refocus her wave to bleed it off into an unexplored region of space she was in. Not knowing what would happen as a result of concentrating that much mental energy into one spot.

Meanwhile in that region, about ten light years from the ship. A tear in Space-Time began to form, getting larger and larger, and drawing in nearby free roaming plasmas, as it began to make a new nebula. Once the tear was large enough, a bright flash appeared and it transformed into a violent tunnel of whirling energies, as electrical discharges danced throughout it.

In another galaxy, a small ship traveling at warp speed, carrying a crew of four in stasis heading to their new home world. Hit the other end of this tear, and plowed full speed into it. In a short span of time it passed through the other end seriously damaged. The only part of the tiny ship that had managed to somehow survive was the main haul, where the four stasis units were.

Back on the kestrel in medical. Julyna had brought in Iris to have the Doctor look her over as well as the blade she was clutching onto. Iris laid sleeping on an examination bed as Dr. Mortora a female Sylurian, one that Daniel would say was a type of reptilian race, with green scale-like skin and yellow eyes, began her examination. "What the hell happened to her? She's managed to break every one of her mental restraints." Julyna was there watching Mortora and answered her, "Anger. Her Ex may have killed Rubicant." "Wait isn't that the male on Travaina IV that you mentioned being involved with?" "Yes, Iris, Altair, and myself are involved with him." A four way relationship she thought, even in the best of times those were hard to maintain. Julyna's tone and mood changed to an angry one, "What I want to know is how she was able to pull the weapon he used on him, as well as it being covered in what I can only assume is his blood, through her meditation?" Mortora just shook her head. "I don't know Captain, Derlenian telepathy has never been fully studied, because your GrandMaster doesn't wish it to be studied."

Julyna began to pace the small examination room as Mortora began to run the blood through a series of tests as Tygera came over the comm system. "Captain you have an incoming communication from a Detective Ohm on Travaina IV." She went over to a console. "Patch him through." A short pause as he appeared on the small screen that was facing the Examination room. "Detective." "Captain, I can only assume you either know as much or more about what happened here last night." She nodded. "Can you explain it, please?" Julyna recounted the full details to Ohm as well as showing him the weapon that was used, and how Lady Iris responded. "Thank you, that helps me out allot. Is there anyway I can get the weapon at some point?" "I'll send it to you as soon as." "CAPTAIN!" Julyna hung her head. "WHAT!" "I'm sorry, but you need to see this." Julyna turned to look back, as well as making sure Ohm could see as well. She looked at the display screen that was showing two different DNA strands. "What am I looking at?" Julyna asked. "On the left side is his DNA. It's a double helix strand, on the right is Derlenian DNA. It's a triple helix strand." Ohm spoke up. "So he's not compatible." "No watch." She had the computer bring the strands together, Julyna and Ohm watched as the computer mapped out every major component of both strands as they matched up perfectly. "He's one hundred percent compatible. He's capable of producing hybrid offspring with Derlenian females." While knowing this did bring a small bit of happiness to Julyna, it didn't last. "Now here's the real shocker." Mortora separated the two strands and then touched a spot on Rubicant's DNA as it zoomed in to display a protein. Julyna lost her composure. "No, no." She shook her head. "Don't you dare tell me what I think that is." "I'm sorry, but he carries the protein your species needs to survive. He is your Progenitor." Ohm spoke in a surprised tone. "He's the very thing he doesn't want to be. This would explain why your GrandMaster has an interest in him."

Iris woke up and grabbed Mortora by her lab coat and pulled her down baring her teeth at her very uncharacteristically and spoke. "You will not mention this to anyone Doctor is that clear." "I'm sorry but the Alliance needs to know." "No you keep quiet until I arrive, I will not lose this one!” Julyna caught on quickly. "GrandMaster?" Iris's head turned to look at her. “Yes, my student this is to be kept quiet, only those who are involved with him need to know. I will be arriving in a few days time." At which point Iris passed out again. Mortora leaned up again and looked at Julyna. "Captain I." "Don't even say it. As of right now we only have a piece of debris with some blood on it. Is that clear?" "Yes ma'am." She turned back to Ohm. "Sorry about that Detective." "It's fine. When you have the time and you don't need it, send me the weapon." "Of course and thank you." She finished as she closed the link and left for the bridge.

As much as Mortora wanted to argue, the Captain was right. All they had was a blood sample. She sighed as she continued to work on Iris and making sure her mind wasn't damaged when she broke through her mental restraints. When she thought about it, it was weird that this DNA was a complete match, and that Julyna, Iris, and Altair all knew this unknown male intimately. Not to mention their GrandMaster was worried about losing this one. She looked back at her data on the screen. Perhaps a second opinion was needed, but should she dare to send a sample over subspace communications? No, she would wait and bring it up to Julyna later when she had a better way to explain why she wanted to do a second opinion.

As Julyna entered the bridge, Tygera told her she had a private communication from Admiral Altair waiting in her bridge room. Once the door was closed she sealed it from opening without her permission. As she sat down at her desk, she turned a monitor towards her and accepted the link. Altair appeared on screen from their home. They looked at each other for a moment before he spoke. "I take it you know why I can't sense Rubi." He said as a statement. She nodded wordlessly. "What happened?" Being able to see him allowed her to mentally send him everything that had happened in the last few hours. When she finished he sat there quietly taking in everything. She wiped away tears that had started to form. She desperately wanted to hold him right now for some comfort, because if it was true about what Juren had said, then he was dead. He looked back at her as he felt her need to be with him. "Sweetie listen, we don't know if he's really gone. For now just continue as normal. We have some shore leave coming up together, once you finish the survey mission we'll meet up ok." He said in a comforting tone. He watched her wipe away more tears and tried to regain herself. "Captain sorry to interrupt, but Zalina is getting a very faint distress signal about ten light years away." Julyna shook herself and cleared her mind. "Tygera you know Alliance protocol, follow it." "Yes ma'am setting course." Once the link closed out she got a familiar presence in her mind. Her eyes went wide eyed as she turned to look out her port window. "It. It's him." "How can you be sure?" "Can't you feel him?" He closed his eyes to concentrate and began to feel him again before she continued. "How am I going to keep this from the Alliance like the GrandMaster wanted, especially since he carries the protein?" She asked. He really didn't have an answer for her. "If the GrandMaster doesn't want the Alliance knowing then that is how it needs to be, your crew needs to understand this." He replied in a relaxed manner. She nodded while getting herself cleaned up. "I love you sweetie." She said. "And I love you. Be careful and watch yourself." As he closed the link.

Julyna returned to bridge just as they were approaching the damaged vessel. "Report." Zalina spoke, "The ship has been seriously damaged, I'm picking up a faint power source from four stasis units, the rest of the ship is dead power wise. There is also a Quantum Vortex three hundred kilometers away." Tygera spoke up, "How big is the vessel in question?" "In its current state it's about the size of a large fighter. We can either bring it into fighter/shuttle bay or one of the cargo bays with an outside access." Zalina finished. Julyna turned to Raybia, "Miss Raybia can you manage to get the vessel into our cargo bay without the use of a tractor beam?" Her eyes lit up with excitement. "I'll need to use the XZR system!" Julyna give her permission to do so as she watched her bound up to the front with such energy. Raybia activated a larger console with multiple screens and flight sticks. This system gave her more control over the ship, than the regular system. XZR system activated over fifty extra thrusters all across the haul of the ship as well as a hundred visual devices. So she could see from any direction, literally.

"Captain I need cargo bay three secured and the artificial gravity deactivated. This way the ship doesn't drop and damage us." Raybia stated. Julyna sent word down to the cargo bay crew to get it prepared. Everyone on the bridge watched Raybia bounce all over the controls, as Julyna could feel her happiness expand as she finally got to be in her element again. They continued to watch as she got the ships rotation to match the tiny ship, as Tygera closed the bridges windows with the blast shields to prevent upset stomachs from the spinning star field. They all watched Raybia do her magic as she slowly managed to get the small ship inside the cargo bay. "Activate cargo bay gravity on my mark." Raybia said over comms. "In 3, 2, 1, Mark." The gravity was activated just as she had managed to get the small ship to touch down on the floor causing no damage to either ship. Once the tiny ship was secured she brought the ship back in line with the galactic plane. Julyna commended her for her expert piloting skills, which cause her to beam brightly.

A short while later Julyna had managed to get down to the cargo bay with a security, engineering, and medical detail. Iris was the with the medical detail, as Julyna walked over to her. "Are you sure you are up to this?" She asked. Iris nodded before she spoke, "I need to be here for him. We need to find a way to remove his cranial fluid before we open up his stasis unit." Julyna nodded as she pulled her into a hug. “All right, try and remain calm though, ok?" Iris nodded as Julyna turned and gave out orders to both the security and engineering detail to secure the vessel before sending in the medical detail. A short while later the medical detail gave a sad report. Only one of the four person crew had survived. Daniel or Rubicant they knew him, they saw in a visual display. Julyna and Iris both knew this would tear him apart if he found out that his Te'dar didn't survive their trip, but they knew they couldn't keep it from him forever. For now they took his unit to medical to begin taking care of him.

A Mental Release that Tears Space-Time


19 December 2016 at 14:41:23 MST

Lady Iris's mental release after losing Rubicant causes a telepathic wave to form, that tears a hole in Space-Time, and brings a surprise to Julyna and Iris, as well as a sad discovery.