A faster than light surprise by XanSteel

Finding Ones True Self; Part 5

A faster than light surprise.

Using maneuvering thrusters that could be used in both space and on a planets surface. It had taken them a week to reach the moon and setup orbit there. During this time the airport they had left had continue making inquiries about their return time. Daniel didn't give them a set date but said they would be returning once all testing had been complete, which was a lie.

Daniel walked back the dining area where Mathew, Maria, and Sandra were sitting. Sandra looked up from a star map. “Well, I'm not sure how we're going to Alpha Century at this rate." "Yeah, by my calculations it would take over a thousand years at this speed." Mathew added looking up at Daniel. "That's what I have metabolic stasis chambers for." As Daniel looked at them smiling. They just looked at him. "You can't really be serious." Daniel looked at Sandra. “No, I'm not, but I have a surprise to show you. I'll need everyone strapped in up in the cockpit in about thirty minutes. That is when I can show you." Daniel said as he left to go prep for warp.

Fifteen minutes later another call came in from control back on earth. "Daniel? This is Major Simmins from what's left of NASA. We know you have an EM drive. We kindly ask that you return it." He said politely but firmly. Everyone on the ship stared at Daniel as he began bringing things online. "Daniel please, we don't want to take action against you, but we will if we have too." The window approached. "Daniel, what's he talking about?" Mathew asked as they began strapping in. A computer voice spoke, "Deflector grid online, charging EM Drive, warp speed available in 10 seconds." "Daniel what did you do?" Maria asked nervously as she finished buckling in. "Daniel please respond." "Sorry Major, but the Earth has disowned me, and I must move on to find my new home. I hope you can understand someday." Daniel said and cut the link as he turned back to the others. "I'm afraid I borrowed an EM Drive from NASA a bit ago and forgot to return it." As he turned back around and hit the Engage button.

Everyone watched as the stars turned into strings of light in the windows. A map of the solar system showed them speeding along quite quickly. "How fast are we going?" Mathew asked in an excited tone. "This is level one. At this point we are going one times the speed of light." Daniel answered. "And how many levels are there?" Maria asked. "Four, but I need to adjust to them slowly. In order to get used to moving at these speeds." Daniel replied.

After twenty minutes Daniel gave the ok to be able to move around, as his console stated that everything was working within the defined perimeters. As they walked around, it took a little getting use to as it seemed as though they were moving slowly. Once everyone got settled in the dining area. Mathew asked Daniel what he meant by "borrowed".

“Well, I guess they could say I stole it." He said. Maria was stunned "You guess?" "Look I was in a warehouse. It wasn't locked or guarded. There was no keep out signs, and I was looking for materials to help repair the ship. I stumbled on it in an old crate, and not to far from these stasis chambers in fact." He said. "Great, so not only are we on a long journey, but now we're pirates as well." Sandra said harshly. Mathew giggled, "What the heck, if we are why not call ourselves the Orion Syndicate?" Sandra jumped him about that even though she had a smile on her face. "Oh you WOULD love that wouldn't you." Both Daniel and Maria laughed, as Mathew beamed brightly at the idea.

The computer spoke again. "Time remaining until level two engagement, twelve hours and fifty-nine minutes." Daniel stood up, "Well I suggest we eat and get some sleep. It's been a long day. Plus level two is likely to feel even more weird." They nodded in agreement and began getting food to eat. Once they finished Daniel went to his small sleeping room and slid the door closed and proceeded to undress down to his briefs, and then laid on the bed with only a small glowing light on to relax too.

There came a very quiet knock on his door. He carefully slid it open and saw Maria there. "Can I join you?" She whispered. He nodded and scooted over making more room for her. She came in and closed the door. He noticed she only had on her undergarments as she laid next to him in bed. He wrapped his arm around her belly as she looked up at him. She spoke softly to him. "I'm scared Danny." "Why?" "I know you wouldn't knowingly steal, but this feels different." She finished. He hugged her tightly to reassure her. "It's going to be fine, besides it's going to be quite sometime before they can even launch a ship after us, if they even think we're worth the effort." He said in a comforting tone. They laid there as they both drifted off to sleep.

A faster than light surprise


1 November 2016 at 20:30:28 MDT

With the ship complete, and orbit achieved. Daniel shows off a borrowed surprise.

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