Otter Dance to get in Pants :D by Xaniya

Otter Dance to get in Pants :D


23 May 2016 at 17:05:30 MDT

This generously plump bottomed ootah comes to realize that most of her clothes (not just her pants!) simply won't co-operate with that big jiggle bum... Why do dis pants?!?! ;w; Always putting up these walls between us... always testing our luff! WELL I DUN NEED YOU PANTS!!! Throws them in the bin and runs through the streets in her undies >:I ...pants are gonna be so jelly...they're gonna be begging to on mah butt so fast~!! <333

(My mind goes weird places when I haven't had morning coffee ;O;) everything about this I love to pieces <3333 ....It's so prettyful U aposjasoiduiaguhodsig <3

Art by: Kaboozlefa
Big Smooch Tush: Xanimews


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    I still find this to be one of my favorite images of you Xani. ^///^

    I'm also still not quite sure about doing what your underwear says. x////x;

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      Hehehe Mwah~! I'm soso glad it is Maly! It's one of my favourites too...with all it's wiggly otterbottom glory! Muhahaha c:<

      OH! Hehe weeeelll it was supposed to say 'Smoosh' but I think along the way it was misunderstood and 'Smooch' was written instead c(x You know like a kiss. And the though of undies commanding people to kiss my tush made me giggle so I kept it hehe <3