Coyote Girl Development (designed by Cougari) by Wretneck

Coyote Girl Development (designed by Cougari)


16 January 2017 at 22:06:48 MST

Character Design by Cougari, or Nanook123 depending on how you know her. Enthusiastically and honorably She is always credited for this character's design, because that’s how it’s done otherwise (royalties too if such a possibility in the future), and that I’m having fun developing on it.

I don’t have a name for her now and I’ve put the former name on the pile, this coyote girl hailing from Arizona comes over state for school around the time Wret in my series is getting fed up with the monotony and is urged to pick up a hobby- which was guitar. Meets up with a band performing at a local music festival and is where Wret meets her; the details of how and what happens will only come whenever I start Head Check (retaining a name change factor) or if it ever gets picked up.

Happy to say with my return to artistic endeavor I am doing so much and distracted by what I want to do; so I have pitch books and archives for whenever I have the sudden need. Yes, one I’m returning to is Wret Wood’s (my blue wolf) series, and will get around to drawing him more again along with his friends.

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    Wow, that is a heck of a nice character design!