Mordius Ledwin the Tiefling Warlock by Wooper

Mordius Ledwin the Tiefling Warlock


28 August 2019 at 00:12:20 MDT

Sketch for SammytheFox!

The forth of a series of D&D commissions for Sammy, of various highly colorful characters. I'm going to include some of his descriptions in these because they entertain me :3

I Mordius Ledwin, a magnificent servant to the lady Maiev. I am your typical Tiefling, purple skin, my horns the colour of obsidian with that nice shine as well, my hair as red as molten lava and as slick as if blood was its grease, on my neck sits the mark of Lady Maiev and I shall never wash that spot again. With this wonderful attire is my friends, Lilth the mouse and Raven the psuedodragon.

Nex the Wild Magic Sorcerer
Alavir Gulter the Forge Cleric
Salvador Escobar the Bard
Mordius Ledwin the Tiefling Warlock
Caper Shadowvoice the Tabaxi Rogue(coming soon!)
Telvar Cyprius the Gunslinger (coming soon!)

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