Fitness Geek post workout feet! by WolfRider

Fitness Geek post workout feet!


24 March 2015 at 03:20:34 MDT

A silly awesome pic i got from   zp92 zp92

Looks like Fitness Geek just finished a workout a while ago and removes her boots and kicks back to relax.

However all that working out has well...made her feet pretty reeky.

Also doesn't help that she most likely as captured someone and is asking them to give her feet a good massage.

Of course knowing how Genetically modified bodies of the gym brats make there bodies sweat and reek alot faster than normal, the willingness of the captive in questionable.

Of course Fitness Geek is the nicest of the Gym Brats and most likely has a reward for our captive.

So Who is the lucky or unlucky fellow or gal to risk it?

Art by   zp92 zp92

Fitness Geek belongs to me   wolfrider wolfrider