Livin' Large by WolfPsalm

Livin' Large


26 May 2018 at 10:52:30 MDT

Psalm's ready for a night of glam and luxury~

It's almost Furnal Equinox, and I had this image of doing an Art Deco inspired piece for a while. This con seemed like a great fitting theme, so here it is! I'll have this printed on 8.5x11 matte prints, as well as full 11x17 posters!

I've never done a piece with flat color and no lines, so this was an interesting experiment. In any case, hope you all like it, and I can't wait to see anybody at FE! Definitely come say hi and check out my wares <3

Art & Psalm © wolfpsalm

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    This is really pretty. I love the lineless style and the dress and hair <3

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      Thanks a lot! It was a fun experiment, happy with how it came out :)

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        So you should c: It's really lovely