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Dirty Tricks by Wolfgonewide

Dirty Tricks


"Glug... glug... glug..."
"That's it Beef-Ball, keep chugging! If this doesn't weigh you down out there, nothing will. Has he got any room left, Marty?"
"Heh heh heh, this bulloon doesn't feel full yet to me, Durham. ~boomph~ Plenty of jiggle left in it."
"And there's STILL 10 minutes till Game Time- let's find out just how much MORE you can chow down before then, fatboy...."

~sigh~ It seems like some teams will do almost anything to ensure a win. Unfortunately, what these rivals DON'T know is that Cal gets stuffed so frequently by his OWN team for their entertainment all they're really doing is making sure our favourite footbull makes it to half-time without getting the munchies. Maybe they should have wondered why he didn't resist all that much when they ambushed him in the locker room. Aren't they in for a surprise?


Another Cal pic- I realised that whilst we've seen Cal eating before, I hadn't fully explained all the circumstances helping him to keep such a... healthy figure. I felt like challenging myself to draw something a bit more complex and scenic and with the best colouring I could produce with my limited tools to make Cal seem a bit more three-dimensional. It was perhaps a challenge too far. Anyway, it was worth trying, at least.

The lesson? Stripes, ok, spots, ok, but not in the same image...

Cal and these other two and their respective teams are figments of my imagination, and property of the same.

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    Bad move on their part.

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    Alright, I feel like this is as good a time as any to say that I LOVE this character. The way you draw Cal, the situations, the scenes, the comedy to it, even. Honestly fantastic. I'm always delighted to see new stuff featuring him.

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      Heh, thanks very much! I'm glad my ideas are hitting the right buttons out there!